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A silver Takrut inserteed at the bottom

Dimensions: 2.7 X 3.5 cm
Material: Bailan
LP Toh Pidta, Jumbo
Wat SalaKruen, B.E.2521
A Substitution To The Expensive Pidta Jumbo 1
The above is a Pidta Jumbo that LP Toh of Wat Pradoo Chimplee specially made and blessed for Wat SalaKruen in B.E.2521 for raising fund to help build monk houses. Wat Salakruen was then a temple under the patronage of LP Toh. After blessing ceremony LP Toh told Phra Adhikan Vichian, the abbot of Wat Salakruen and also a student of LP Toh that he saw a white -robe man (who's never been seen by ordinary eyes) was joining the blessing ceremony, the whte-robe man is a Deva as said by LP Toh. 

The LP Toh Pidta Jumbo Wat Salakruen is substitution for Pidta Jumbo 1 (Jumbo Nung) which is now very expensive approximately Baht 200,000-300,000. It's true that many smart dealers sell Pidta Jumbo 1 at that high price but they hang Pidta Wat Salakruen on their necks because they realized that the Pidta has equal and same efficacies as Pidta Jumbo 1 but has so much cheaper price.     

LP Toh's amulets of all kind are very pupular due to his ultra power consecration. As told by advanced meditation monks, LP Toh reaches the highest ultra Dhamma, his mind and eyes are very sensitive to super natural objects and phenomena. He often talked to Deva and recounted his experiences to his disciples. One day he pointed to a glasss decorated with sketched pictures of Devas and said to his disciples, " This is no joke, they really exist, you can see them and communicate them by your quality mind of meditation."

LP Toh has been respected as one of the greatest Gurus of present period. He was a disciple of LP Roong, Wat Thakrabue, Samutsakorn, and then was introduced by LP Sod, Wat Paknam, to learn higher Dhamma with LP Nong, Wat Klong Madan. LP Toh lived a long life between B.E. 2430 -2524.  

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