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A complete aquarium view under Buddha's lotus base
Complete top cap of original condition 

Dimensions: 2.1 X 2.9 cm
Material: Baked clay / with holy powder of LP Parn + LP Luesie Lingdam 
Rare Complete Condition
LP Luesie Lingdam's Phim Khee Pla
Wat BangNomkho, Early 2490s
The price of LP Parn's baked clay amulets of Buddha riding holy creature is everyday soaring up. Anybody who would like to own one have to pay a large sum of money upto Baht 300,000-400,000 (for a beautiful cock mold). But a smart way out for smart collectors is finding a cheaper substitution amulet of equal efficacies & properties to wear on. One of such the amulets is of LP
Luesie Lingdam who was a closest disciple of LP Parn. 

The above is an unused LP Luesie Lingdam's Phim Khee Pla (fish). The cement cap, which covers the top hole containing holy powder, is in original complete condition--that means the holy powder of LP Parn and LP Luesie Lingdam contained in the hole beneath the cap is full and never dug out. Moreover, the Buddha image's facial organs are clear and looks beautiful.  

The fish under the lotus base is Tapian fish, which is a major symbol for prosperity and Wealth & Fortune, so this is a must amulet for everyone.

Please notice that the fish and its surroundings are in its complete condition,  looking like an aquarium. The fish's mouth, fins, scales and tail are sharp and clear, meanwhile the bubble and water weed can be clearly seen. This is a top condition of an amulet of this kind that is hardly to be found.   

By my research in B.E.2526 at Wat BangNomkho areas, I was told by many senior local people that the amulets of this batch were made and blessed by LP Luesie Lingdam in early 2490s while he was being the Abbot of Wat BangNomkho. The amulets of this batch carry great efficacies and properties on Maha Metta, carreer progress, wealth & fortune, Klaew Klaad, and KongKraPhanChatri, etc.

LP Luesie Lingdam was a high ranking monk. His full monkhood name was Phra RajPhromYarn. He was a closest disciple of LP Parn, Wat Bang Nomkho and also ordained by LP Parn. He had learned so many Buddhakom and ultra Dhamma practices from his teacher, and later became the Abbot of Wat BangNomkho during B.E. 2492-2500. It was he who first disclosed LP Parn's biography to the public, and almost all of LP Parn's biography we know were from his mouth. And also it was he who taught the Rich Katha and the Enhanced version to people. 

LP Luesie Lingdam was always in "Charn" ( highly meditative state ), his six senses was fully opening all the time. He had magic eyes & ears that could see and hear what ordinary people could not. He could foresee future events correctly. He learned Supra Dhamma directly from Lord Buddha by meditating deeply and making out-of-bodying to Nipphan celestial where Lord Buddha present. He created various amulets with the guidance of Lord Buddha.  

LP Luesie Lingdam had made Dhamma journey to upper provinces for a long years and later settled at the nearly deserted Wat Thasung, Uthai Thani, in B.E.2511. The great LP later became the Abbot of Wat Thasung and led people to help construct the temple successfully.

LP Luesi Lingdam passed away in B.E. 2535 at the age of 75. His body is immortal-- undecomposed. 
Khee =  riding
Pla = fish
Maha Metta =  drawing in a great love & kindness from others 
Klaew Klaad = life safty, free from all harms
KongKraPhanChatri =  invincibility
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